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Philippines, 2015

The surgical wing of the 2012 hospital was not functional due to faulty electrical wiring.


Ricardo L. Maningo Memorial Hospital was built in 1972 and is the sole hospital facility for the four municipalities in the Camotes Islands, serving a total population of nearly 100,000 people. Maningo Memorial Hospital has a 25-bed in-patient facility with an emergency room, and outpatient department that sees anywhere from 60-100 patients a day. The four municipal clinics in the Camotes Islands and community (barangay) health stations refer severe cases like emergent cases, severe dehydration and complicated obstetrics cases to the hospital for further care and management.

In 2010, the existing surgical wing at Maningo Memorial Hospital was torn down and a new, upgraded facility was built as part of the Department of Health’s Health Facility Enhancement Program (HFEP). The construction on the new wing of the hospital was completed in 2012, but the surgical wing has been nonfunctional ever since due to faulty electrical wiring. In addition, the HFEP budget did not include funding for a transformer to handle the load of the new surgical wing.

This project will make the facility fully functional, bringing critical surgical services to the island instead of having to transport patients by ambulance and boat to the closest hospital in another town.

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“The next few days it rained, so when I returned to finish installing the pump and purifier, the tank was almost half full. I turned on the new faucet, filled a glass and drank it to show the mid-wife it was potable. She began to cry, saying they hadn’t had water in the building for over a year. She was so happy and thankful.”

- Jeff Rodriguez, volunteer

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