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Past Reimagining and Reimagining+ Workshops

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Reimagining Behavioral Emergency Environments

December 07, 2022

Workshop participants engaged one another through human centered design to identify the barriers challenging behavior emergency environments. The affinity for open spaces to treat patients sparked ambition for a white paper; and, the passion of those involved may manifest in a virtual follow-up session with the original participants. Stay tuned!

Reimagining the NICU

1.0: March 18 and 25, 2021

2.0: May 19, 2021

Groups in this virtual workshop used the human-centered design process to create designs addressing a variety of issues facing Neonatal Intensive Care Unit families and clinicians. The high level of enthusiasm led to a follow-up session where three 'super teams' expanded on the insights of the initial workshop. A team of attendees will continue to meet and prepare the workshop's insights for dissemniation and implementation.

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Hospital Employees

Reimagining+ Racial Justice in Healthcare

August 10-11, 2020

In this virtual workshop, participants followed the human-centered design process to develop solutions to race-related challenges faced by clinicians, patients, and architects working in healthcare design. The enthusiasm was great, and a team of attendees will be moving forward to continue pushing one of the ideas to implementation for twelve months after the workshop.

Reimagining the ICU

September 19-20, 2019

Through careful human-centered design processes, workshop groups came up with innovative solutions to a variety of issues facing hospital staff in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). One such solution was the incorporation of a customizable noise cancellation system within rooms to drown sounds of the facility that can be controlled by various parties, including staff, the patient, and family.


Reimagining Childbirth Facilities

April 31-May 1, 2018

Clinicians representing various regions and facility types identified key design issues that may impede delivery of care in obstetric settings. In small groups, attendees discussed desired birthing process outcomes, considered clinician challenges, and evaluated improvements to both design and process that have the potential to reduce negative patient outcomes and points of pain for staff. Each small group prototyped solutions and reviewed the FGI Guidelines for opportunities to improve, clarify, and elaborate on design guidance for childbirth facilities. 

Reimagining the ED

September 18-19, 2017

This workshop focused on providing solutions to three key issues: improving arrival and front-end operations, reducing patient length of stay, and improving the experience of behavioral health patients. One such solution developed by participants using the human-centered design process was a registration kiosk for low acuity patients (ESI level 3, 4, or 5)

Emergency Vehicles
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