Partner with The Sextant Foundation and add additional HOPE to your philanthropic projects around the globe.  If you are working in healthcare in the developing world, a Tons of Hope project can bring improved healthcare delivery by helping to provide reliable and sustainable energy to critical electrical systems.

Can you help us improve the environmental, financial and human conditions
in low-resourced health centers around the world,
and to bolster health system capacity? If so, let’s become partners!


BE A CHANGEMAKER and gain the confidence of knowing that the donations of materials to Sextant projects will go directly to helping provide more reliable healthcare by providing clean energy and water to the project’s community, and indirectly, globally.​

GET RECOGNITION for large contributions of materials or equipment, a commemorative plaque will be placed in the clinic or facility recognizing the significant contributions making the project possible.  We’ll send you photos of the staff in front of the clinic with the plaque.  Sextant will work with your organization to develop the story to tell describing your participation for press/media exposure.  We will feature your corporate logo on appropriate websites and social media.

ENGAGE. As a contributor, you’ll have the unique opportunity to get involved in the project more deeply, by for example, sending volunteers, connecting with in-country staff and connected community members, or engaging in a way of your choosing.  You will stay connected with the projects you are contributing to through a Quarterly Report from Sextant detailing the progress of our projects, and in particular, the impacts your project is having on the community. 

CONTRIBUTE A TON OF HOPE.  If carbon offsets are realized in the project, you’ll be recognized for your contributions in that effort.  Click here for more information about Tons of Hope.

GET A TAX DEDUCTION.  All in-kind contributions are tax deductible.


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