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Mazzetti with Sextant Foundation Head to Honduras

Four Mazzetti volunteers partnered with the Sextant Foundation and Pan American Health Service, Inc (PAHS) to provide a sustainable energy solution to a low-resourced children’s healthcare facility in Honduras. The group traveled to Honduras on Sunday, where they will install ‪#‎solar‬ PV systems this week. Volunteers were selected based on their participation with GRID Alternatives, having hands-on solar installation experience.

The objective is to facilitate utility savings, so that more money can be allocated to rehabilitating more children.

PAHS has been providing health, nutrition, support, and developmental services to the children in the jungles of Honduras for 55 years. Honduras is second only to Haiti in this hemisphere in terms of economic struggles. PAHS works to provide:

·   A nutritional rehab program, feeding starving children. ·   A home, providing shelter and guidance to children whose families are unable to provide care. ·   A health outreach program, matching medical professionals to impoverished patients. ·   An education program that breaks the cycle of poverty and builds a brighter future.

In recent years, among rising maintenance costs, PAHS has seen a decline in funding. Mazzetti with the Sextant Foundation is honored to contribute and create a positive impact, making the world a better place by creating better environments. It’s our vision, coming to life.

More details about the project, including an option to contribute here:

And if you’re one of the 244 million active users of Amazon, you can donate to the Sextant Foundation, via Amazon Smile, at no extra charge to you.

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