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Honduras, 2016

The new infant/toddler nutrition center will provide more room for the growing under five population at PAHS. A solar panel system will provide reliable and more cost effective energy for the new, much larger nutrition center.


For 55 years, Pan American Health Services (PAHS) in Honduras has been providing health, nutrition, support, and developmental services to the children in the jungles of Honduras. 

PAHS works to provide a nutritional program that feeds starving children; a home that provides shelter and guidance to children whose families are unable to take care of them; a health outreach program that matches medical professionals to impoverished patients; and an education program that breaks the cycle of poverty and builds a brighter future.

In recent years, among rising maintenance costs, PAHS has seen a decline in funding and a rise a need. One of the major expenses for any organization is electricity. A solar panel system will allow them to drastically reduce the amount of money spent on energy, enabling them to re-direct critical funds to the service of their mission. The priority for this project will be to install an extensive solar panel system for the new infant/toddler nutrition center.

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