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This summer, I had the pleasure of being a Reimagining Volunteer. I worked with a diverse array of incredibly intelligent, creative, and highly-motivated students.


As a prospective public policy student at Princeton with strong interests in race’s interactions with healthcare and other institutions in the U.S., I was able to explore my personal and academic passions over the past 10 weeks. I helped coordinate the newest Reimagining Workshops+, “Reimagining Racial Justice in Healthcare”, as well as my secondary project on race and architecture, engineering, and construction.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to have had such a self-directed and personally-tailored internship experience. I enjoyed building my problem solving skills, creativity, and sense of collaboration.






Which specific task did you enjoy working on the most?


I enjoyed setting up the Mighty Networks platform for our new online community, and finding some of the pre-workshop readings.

What was the most challenging task?


It was difficult to think critically and carefully about the advertising language used on the social shareables and advertisements, though the effort definitely paid off in the end.


How/why did you choose the topic of your secondary project?


I have always been interested in understanding the history and prevalence of racial disparities in the U.S., and one of the institutions in which it is prevalent is the AEC field. All of us are shaped and affected by architecture, considering how that industry has built the buildings and infrastructure we interact with everyday -- thinking about how diversifying the workforce and making it more equitable could perhaps manifest in more equitable outcomes in housing/community-building was incredibly interesting.


Do you see your work this summer influencing your academic work/goals?


Yes! It was incredibly interesting to see some of the more practical, hands-on work that could be done to ensure equity in healthcare and architecture -- as someone who plans on studying public policy, my desire to incorporate practical problem-solving into my education has only been reinforced this summer. 


Share with us a hobby you picked up during social distancing.


To beat the quarantine boredom, I’ve been trying out a lot of new vegan recipes! (lots of curries and muffins, essentially).

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