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Haiti, 2018

Sextant teams up with Gheskio Centers in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to improve their electrical and solar systems.


Gheskio Centers was the first institution in the world dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS, and they have been providing care in Port-au-Prince, Haiti since 1982. Learn more about their history and mission of clinical service, research, and training at their website here.

They needed our assistance in assessing their current electrical and solar systems – and ensuring their reliability over time.

A solar PV system had been installed to serve half of their main clinic, but they experienced daily outages and disruptions due to an overload condition. They also planned to occupy the other half of the clinic and needed more energy to support this growth.

Our volunteers helped perform maintenance on the solar equipment, batteries, and panels as well as ensured that on-site staff were trained for ongoing maintenance.  They also reconfigured the electric wiring and balance loads, created a design for off-hour loads, and assessed solar for their lab site.

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