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Register for Reimagining Medical Psychiatric Units

 As a clinician or a designer (architect, engineer, facility director, process improvement professional or administrator) focused primarily in Healthcare, you can't afford to miss this event. Participate in the definitive assembly of behavioral emergency clinicians and healthcare designers (like you) to “Reimagine Medical Psychiatry Units.” and help inform future fundamental guidelines.

This Reimagining Workshop, is organized by Mazzetti's Sextant Foundation. and supported by the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry and FGI. This dynamic, two-part workshop will focus exclusively on “Reimagining Medical Psychiatry Units".

Workshop Details

Reimagining Medical Psychiatric Units is a Hybrid - Two day workshop
​Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in both sessions

Day 1: September 11th, 9am - 1:30pm Central via Zoom

Attendees will use Human Centered Design to exercise empathy, define processes, and ideate solutions.

Day 2: October 3rd, 8am - 12pm Central in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Hyatt Regency

Attendees will meet in person right before the Association of Medical Psychiatry meeting in Milwaukee to prototype and test design solutions. Potential Tour of the Froedette Complexity Intervention Unit the afternoon of October 3rd. Indicate interest on the registration form.


Between the two sessions, a team will take the insights developed during Day 1 and comment on the newly proposed FGI Medical Psychiatry Units.

This workshop is a learning opportunity and a chance to directly influence comment development on the proposed Medical Psychiatry Unit guidelines. You won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity.


Nurses, other clinicians, students, and patients; including family and other representatives; can participate at a discount. Indicated interest by registering with the appropriate button below.


Why a Hybrid Event?

The in-person workshop was intended to happen right before the AMP annual meeting (Workshop attendees are encouraged to attend.) The workshop is an opportunity to gather perspectives to inform a draft of a new FGI guideline section for Medical Psychiatry Unit. However, the comment deadline for the FGI cycle is before the AMP Annual Meeting.
A hybrid event allows us to engage a community, gain insights on the draft guidelines and take advantage of opportunities afforded by a hybrid event.

Can I join Online but not in person?

The ideal is to join both the online and in-person session and we would like as many people as possible to attend both sessions. Yet we realize this won’t be possible for everyone. If you are unable to attend both sessions, please sign up for the ones you are able to attend.

What will happen during the Zoom Session?

During the Zoom session, in small teams, we will hear the main challenges faced by our clinicians and patients. We will define a challenge to work on, explore the processes implicated in the challenge, ideate potential solutions, hone the best solution and review implications to the guidelines.

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